Around this time last year I did a blog post just like this, where I asked the girls on my spokesmodels team some questions about their experiences on the team. I thought it would be cool to do it again to get some fresh perspective from the 2019 girls. This post might clear up some questions you have about the team and who knows, it might even encourage you to apply for the 2020 team!!!
Was it awkward to be on a team of strangers?
Paige W: Not at all. We all bonded very quickly!
Natalie P: At first it is, but after like 5 minutes of hanging out with everyone it’s not at all, especially if you’re outgoing.
Gianna D: No, everyone was welcoming.
Jill O: Not at all, you make friends! That’s what the whole experience is about…going out of my comfort zone took me places before & I knew it would with this too.
What was your favorite part of the SRP Spokesmodel experience?
Mackenzie N: I honestly think my favorite part was just meet new people and getting to learn how to be comfortable in front of the camera and learning what poses are best for you and your body language and the amazing pictures you get out of it.
Sammy C: Having a lot of options during the shoots and being encouraged by Serena.
Paige W: Getting full glam and hanging out with the team all day.
Hannah K: Meeting all of the girls!!
Would you do the spokesmodel team again?
Hannah H: Most definitely! Girls nowadays aren’t able to experience things like this so having the opportunity to be apart of a team so loving and having it be a no judgement zone is so nice!
Mackenzie N: Yes, because it was just so much fun. Like no matter what happened in my week if I know I have a shoot coming up it makes my whole week/ month better because I just love the positive vibes that everyone gives off and the way the photo comes out there is not one photo I didn’t like.
Jill O: If I had the chance without a doubt! #srpalumni
Sammy C: Yes because it was really fun and I made good friends.
What would you change about the team?
Hannah K: I would make it so there isn’t more then 2 girls from each school so that it isn’t very cliquey and you have the opportunity to meet other girls.
Ariana S: If I had to change anything about the team it’d only be that we’d have to hangout more!
Gianna D: Nothing at all, just more shoots.
Hannah H: There isn’t really anything i would change about the team! I look forward to everytime we’re all together because it’s never a dull moment!
How are styled shoots?
Paige B: Styled shoots are a lot of fun/a cool experience. First, you get your hair & make up done. Also, everyone comes in their pj’s and it’s almost like a giant sleepover. Then you get to go out and just take a bunch of cute pictures and there’s always good food.
Hannah H: Styled shoots are sooo much fun! Every styled shoot there’s a different theme and the good thing about the team is that we all basically bring our closets and pick our outfits together so we all look good together!
Mikayla P: Styled shoots are so fun. Its cool to be able to see everyone’s transformation from their pajamas to done up really nicely. The car rides to the locations are also really fun because even though we all see eachother at the house and while we’re taking photos its nice to be able to sit down and just listen to music together. Also every shoot just feels like a big adventure and I love adventuring.
Natalie P: The styled shoots are super fun and a great time where you get to hangout with your friends while getting ready for the shoots, the environment is great and of course you get free food.
Was there any drama on the team?
Mackenzie N: I don’t think so I didn’t have any drama with anyone. All the girls were super nice and supportive.
Hannah K: NO!!!
Ariana S: No not at all.
Hannah H: There is never any drama within the team! We all come from different schools so we don’t see eachother everyday to know everything about everyone.
What would you rate the experience?
Natalie P: 10 out of 10 for sure! Serena makes everyone feel comfortable off and on the camera! She’s super personable and isn’t just focused on the pictures, she truly cares about everyone’s well-being.
Paige W: 10/10 because we get memories with new friends
Gianna D: 10/10 it was great.
Jill O: 10/10 it’s the best & that’s all I have to say!
Write a short testimony about the over all Serena Rose Photography Spokesmodel Team experience.
Ariana S: I love this team. The girls, Serena, the atmosphere, it’s so great. I’ve never had so much fun I love everyone in this, I wish it lasted forever.
Paige B: The beginning is of course a little awkward. You have to take pictures with people you just met as if you’re best friends. You also are doing all these weird poses that you’re not used to. The end result is always what’s in mind though. You get used to the new people and they soon become friends. You’re all in the same boat in so many ways it makes it so much easier. The group is filled with so many bright, caring, supportive, and positive people it’s crazy. To be a part of it is something to be thankful for. The overall experience has been really good for me. I would recommend this to anyone even considering it.
Jill O: My srp spokesmodel team experience started with me applying & getting picked obviously, but it turned into so much more than that. I gained 11 best friends, and became bestfriends with Serena! I got pretty pictures for my Instagram, & overall became so much more confident about myself!
Hannah H: SRP Spokemodel Team is a group of amazing and uniquely different girls! With Serena’s amazing talent behind the camera she captures beautiful pictures of everyone and shows every single one of us how truly beautiful we all are inside and out! Once you are part of a team like Serena’s it’s hard to find something else that compares because it’s such a great and enjoyable expirence!
Anything else you’d want to tell juniors interested in join next years team?
Hannah K: DO IT!! You won’t regret it it is seriously so fun!
Paige B: Do it, at least apply for it because if you do get in you won’t regret it. Its not an experience a lot of people get to be a part of, at least not around here. Even if you think you can’t pose or dress or whatever else, you’ll learn. Serena is there to help you in all ways so that when photoshoots happen you feel comfortable and natural.
Gianna D: Do not be afraid about joining the team! I knew no one and now I have new friends.
Lena V: The first time you shoot you may feel awkward because it’s not something you’re used to, but she teaches you how to pose and gets your best angles.
Mackenzie N: Just go for it, and have a good time with it cause honestly life is to short to me scared or shy so take a leap and jump out of your comfort zone. And if you think you are not good enough for it you are wrong so wrong cause no matter what you look like you are beautiful and all your photos will come out great.
Anything else you’d like to say or a question you think should be answered ?
Paige B: We have a group chat together that we actually talk in and it’s just full of positivity/support so i think that’s something everyone should have in their life!
Mikayla P: All I’d like to say is whenever life is getting so crazy, its such a relief to be able to meet up with the team and just have a day that is guarenteed to be filled with fun and good people.
Lena V: A question I had initially was: if you’re a busy person is this a flexible thing? And the answer is yes, you get shoot dates way ahead of time and it’s easy to plan around.
Natalie P: If you just have fun and be outgoing it’ll make the most of the Serena Rose Photography Spokesmodel Team experience!!

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