I asked the girls a few questions about the program and their experience on the team and here are some of their anwsers!
Was it awkward to be on a team with strangers? Explain.
Casey: At first, I thought it would be weird only knowing two other girls on the team and having to shoot with people I didn’t know. But honestly it wasn’t at all! We had a few get togethers before we shot for the first time and everyone was really nice! We became close pretty quickly and going to our first shoot I felt like I had known the others girls for a lifetime.
Jess C: Truthfully, I was a little nervous to be on a team of strangers at first. However, this whole experience has helped me to create a number of new friendships that I may never have had the chance to make if it weren’t for this team.
Leah: Surprisingly it wasn’t I think from the first hangout things just clicked. Everyone got along and it helped that we are all pretty outgoing.
What was your favorite part of the SRP Spokesmodel experience?
Natalie: The fall styled shoot. Since we’d already had another shoot prior it ran really smoothly and everyone was comfortable with each other.
Jess C: My favorite part of the SRP Spokesmodel experience was our summer shoot. It was our first big shoot together and I’ll never forget the laughs and memories we all shared that day. I’ll also never forget our confetti popper fail.
Leah: My favorite part of the experience is picking out my outfits for shoots. I love to experiment and find cool pieces to put together. Also loved my shoot with Nicole.
Julia: Definitely seeing the finished product. Spending the day out shooting is enjoyable, but coming home and not having the pictures instantaneously was a different feeling to have. We all have smart phones where you get photos automatically, and the wait actually makes you appreciate them more. You can tell Serena puts a lot of effort into the photos, and the grace period in between the shoot and her posting the pictures is an excitable kind of anxious.
Would you do the spokesmodel team again? Explain.
Kristen: Yes!
Natalie: Yes, I think it was a great experience and helped me meet new people as well as sort of get out of my comfort zone because normally I don’t get my picture taken.
Maddie: Most likely, only reason not to is a lack of time to get super involved.
Casey: I definitely would do the spokesmodel team again! I had so much fun during the shoots and all of our get togethers. It was so nice meeting new people and I thought it was a great experience. Shooting and taking pictures was also really fun and different experience!
What would you change about the team?
Jess C: I don’t mean to sound bias, but there is really nothing that I would change.
Maddie: Teaming up girls with someone they don’t previously know for a shoot.
Kristen: I think everything went well, but maybe more shoots
How are styled shoots?
Ellie: Styled shoots are super fun! Getting your hair and makeup done, with all of the girls was lots of fun.
Jess C: Styled shoots are by far my favorite. We all get together early on the day of the shoot and spend a few hours getting ready together. It’s comical to watch all of us show up with bare faces and our hair all tossed around, for us to get our face beat and our hair done only a few hours later. It’s more of a group effort for our shoots. Everyone helps everyone get ready, but ofcourse Serena needs the final say on outfits, hair, and makeup. Once everyone is ready, we all carpool over to our chosen shooting destination. The car rides are another memory I will never forget. Once arrived we do individuals, “friend”- groups, and full group shots. This process usually takes a long time, but I’m not exaggerating when I say time really does fly. (Except when you are walking in the freezing cold in 6-inch heel boots that are killing your feet- sorry Jess) But needless to say, styled shoots require a lot of work, but the end result is well worth all of the preparation.
Casey: Styled shoots are great! Getting ready with everyone is so much fun and shooting is a really cool experience! I was a little nervous at first but Serena made everyone really comfortable and we all learned together!
Julia: In the shoots you could see the creativity behind each girl. We all bounced ideas for each other back and forth during the shoots, weither it be for makeup tips to hand placements in a photo. We laughed a lot, and really bonded in those times.
Was there any drama on the team?
Natalie: Not that I know of.
Julia: Never, we all got along amazingly. The general atmosphere of the team was positive.
Maddie: No!
What would you rate the experience? Explain.
Ellie: 10/10 I think this was a learning opportunity for both Serena and the girls. I am trying to peruse modeling and this opportunity helped me get to know what a photoshoot would be like.
Casey: I would rate my experience 10/10! It was a new concept and I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but it was great! I had so much fun, met new people, and got some great pictures out of the experience.
Julia: 10/10, it was a great way to open up and do something I’ve never done before.
Kristen: 8/10 because Serena is great and it was a good experience.
Write a short testimony about the over all Serena Rose Photography Spokesmodel Team experience.
Casey: Overall being on the Serena Rose Spokesmodel Team was great! I have always loved taking pictures and this was so much more then just shooting! I got to meet some really great girls and had a lot of fun in the midst of shoots. We all worked together really well and everything was very well organized. Serena did a great job of putting this team together and I know it will only get better as the years continue!
Ellie: I joined the Serena Rose Photography Spokesmodel team later than everyone else and I had no problems getting to know the girls. I met Serena when I got some Senior pictures taken, and instantly loved the way she worked and how kind hearted she was. Let me tell you, she knows what she is doing! The two experiences I’ve had with the Team resulted in me wanting More and more of the team sessions and Serena being my personal photographer, haha!
Leah: Throughout my time being a Spokesmodel I’ve had a great experience. It’s been awesome meeting new girls and each shoot has made a special memory that I can hold onto. I’ve always loved having mini “photo shoots” with my cousins when we were younger. It’s pretty dope to be apart of Serena’s photography journey and I’ll never regret saying yes to being a spokesmodel.
Maddie: A fun way to meet new people and build confidence. Serena always made me and I would confidently say the other girls feel welcomed and loved. My aunts and grandparents would rave about the pictures. An unforgettable experience!
Kristen: The experience was really fun and I’m glad I did it! We all got along so well, and all the photos turned out great
Jess C: I am very outgoing, however, I tend to feel a little awkward when posing in front of a camera. Serena, however, knows exactly how to make you look and feel comfortable and natural. Serena and the team are both extremely welcoming and we always had a great time together. Everyone’s unique and different styles and personalities truly shined through at all of our shoots. This experience as a whole has been very exciting to be a part of and I am honored to have been a part of it. I look forward to seeing the progress Serena will make with her new company, for I know she will exceed everyone’s expectations. Much love for my team and I hope next year’s team is able to create the same bond and share new memories on their team as well.
Natalie: it’s a lot of fun and a great experience altogether. I’m very glad I did it
Julia: At first I was highly unsure about doing the team. Like I said before, I’d rather be the one taking the pictures. But then the first shoot came around and I had a lot of fun doing something I thought I’d be uncomfortable doing. I consider myself unphotogenic, but Serena’s photos made me feel beautiful. I’ve grown more and more confident as the year has gone on, which is an amazing trait to start possessing during my senior year.
Anything else you’d want to tell juniors interested in join next years team?
Casey: If you are skeptical about joining the team, or even applying, go for it. It was an amazing experience that I wouldn’t trade! It is not a scary environment at all and everyone was really encouraging.
Ellie: Totally do it! If you are thinking you don’t want to because you may feel uncomfortable in front of a camera, Serena KNOWS what she is doing and helps out with poses all of the time!!! By the time you have your second shoot with her, you will be able to feel more comfortable and confident! Goodluck in your senior year!!!
Leah: Do it!!! You won’t regret being part of such a unique experience. You’ll have some great pictures to post on Instagram.
Maddie: Relax and enjoy yourself, it’s not a competition to look the best.
Kristen: It’s really fun and you get to meet new friends.
Jess C: The only advice I would have is to have fun and don’t stress. It’s truly a great experience and Serena is a great photographer and person in general. This team will become a family if you let them, so don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and make new friends. I wish you all the best of luck and I look forward to seeing all the beautiful pictures next year.
Natalie: If you’re thinking about it but not completely sure, you definitely should. You get to meet a group of great girls and if you like getting your picture taken, great! And if you don’t, you can get out of your comfort zone!
Julia: If you’re like me and want to joing but you are are camera shy, just put your mind to it and do it! This is a very unique opprotunity to be apart of and every atom in me is screaming for you to join this years team!

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