AHHH! I cannot believe I am sitting here writing this post. TWO OF MY BEST FRIENDS ARE MARRIED! It’s so crazy, and amazing at the same time. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was meeting Ty for the first time and now Ally is Mrs. Fisher. I’m so lucky to have been apart of their love story, I’m so confident in their love because it hasn’t been easy for them, they have dealt with long distance, deployment, nursing school and they have persevered and continue to choose each other. They decided to do a small ceremony of immediate family this year, and in the fall of 2020 they will have their big fairytale wedding and I can’t wait to help Ally plan. I’m so honored to have been apart of this day and I’m so excited to be showing you these photos, but first heres a few blasts from the past including their engagement from last August in Charleston when I got to capture Tyler proposing.

Their small ceremony was sweet and perfect and they are oFISHally Mr. and Mrs. Fisher

I’m so lucky to have these three in my life, I could cry just thinking about it, they are the best friends I’ve ever had and I don’t know what I’d do without them. Love you all forever.Had to include these into the blog post because if it wasn’t for this fool this day would have never happened. Lij introduced Ally and Tyler 7 years ago.Love this little “before” and “after” the day Ally got engaged and the day she got married!We love a supportive sister. Also I’m so glad we got to sneak away after the ceremony to grab some pictures at my favorite little hidden gem.Here are some of my iPhone pictures from the day, it was seriously such a fun day. Ally and Ty, thank you so much for letting me be apart of your day, I cannot wait to see what the year to come have for the two of you, I know it’s going to be amazing. Love you long time.

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