Lake Winola, PA | Summer Wedding | Makena + Leo

Makena and Leo’s wedding day was special and intimate due to COVID restrictions, they have only very close family at their wedding, while it wasn’t what they planned for it was still such a beautiful day.

Makena’s upbringing was so unique, with her dad being in the military she spend a lot of her childhood overseas. A big portion of that time was spent in Italy, where her parents and younger siblings still live! I could tell how excited Makena was to have the whole family together for her big day, and how close they all were. Leo’s family was just a close, it is always nice to see bridal parties full of siblings and cousins!!

There wedding day may have not been what they originally planned for but it was special and full of so much love that I found myself tearing up throughout the day!!!  (honestly I still cry at EVERY wedding) We are coming up on their one year anniversary and I am so so happy for The Ciullo’s!!!


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