Southern NJ | Spring Wedding | Shauna + Ronnie

So I have a funny story about Shauna and Ronnies wedding, so prior to the wedding I had only chatted with Shauna, and they did not do an engagement session so I had never met or spoken to Ronnie. When I arrived at Shauna’s grandparents, where the ceremony was happening, I had realized that I went to high school with Ronnie and knew half of his groomsmen! It was a happy coincidence and it was nice to see familiar faces on a wedding day!!!

One of my favorite parts of their day was that it was at Shauna’s grandparents house! They have one of the most beautiful backyards that I have ever seen, and it was a special place to have it. Their ceremony was also so beautiful and God-centered that it brought me to tears more then once. I loved their day and I am so excited to see what God has in store for them!

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